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Immunizations for All!

Help Provide Immunization

Each year, over 17,000 children die from diseases that could have been prevented with vaccinations.

UNICEF is committed to expanding worldwide access to lifesaving vaccines & to make full immunization a reality.

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Eager studen receives textbooks in Cambodia.

Give An Education

In Cambodia, poverty forces many children to enter the labor market as young as 12 years old. Without education, a life of poverty is imminent.

Free classes offer these children a way out, but most families are too poor to provide the proper supplies.

Give a Child Textbooks for an Entire Year »

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Help Keep Girls In School

Help Keep Girls in School

In developing countries, many adolescent girls (ages 12-18) stay home from school during their menstrual cycles. In rural Uganda, over 50% of girls over the age of 12 miss school every month.

You can help. Just $7.00 provides sanitary supplies to a schoolgirl for an entire year.

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